Become a Partner


Grow Your Business with ArtifyHCM

ArtifyHCM recognizes the importance of partnering to win new business and deepen penetration in existing accounts. If you partner with ArtifyHCM, you become the part of a driving force that missions digital transformation across a vast number of industries in various domain, helping countless businesses.

Through our partnership network, you can build and develop ArtifyHCM to address more of its efficiencies. You can learn how you can expand the market opportunities via adding your expertise and experience to our partner ecosystem.

Partners Commitment

An ArtifyHCM official partner commits to:
  • Train their staff by following ArtifyHCM functional training sessions.
  • Become a Certified ArtifyHCM Partner.
  • Have a fully functional company website where ArtifyHCM is listed as your official partner with logo.
  • Be the 1st level of support for the client & use ArtifyHCM for the 2nd level of support.
  • Promote ArtifyHCM among the clients in their region.

Benefits for a partner

ArtifyHCM partners will benefit from:

Is fully trained in ArtifyHCM

Getting access to one-week functional training from ArtifyHCM Functional Experts. Helps in exploring more on the effectiveness of application and understanding of the user level configurations in an efficient manner.

Permission to use ArtifyHCM logo.

The label firmly establishes your brand. Establishes you as a leading enabler of digital transformation for businesses with ArtifyHCM. Creates a sense of value feeling and trust among your clients.

Discount Services for Partners

ArtifyHCM will offer their partners 10 % discount for every partnership services. The discount will run up to a period of six months from the date of partnership.

Has Access to Marketing Materials

ArtifyHCM partnership will benefit its partners with ArtifyHCM marketing materials like posters, information videos and other credentials for conductive effective marketing.

Access to ArtifyHCM regular updates

Get access to training sessions and guides that are updated regularly. Experience the support, collaboration, and encouragement of ArtifyHCM group. Get access to new version releases and more.

Direct relationship with Artify to escalate issues

We keep a direct relationship with the partner and equip them with easy issue-resolving metrics. Our official partner will get an easy access to information and solution with regard to software malfunctioning, bug fixing, and other support services.