Update log

January 2020


  1. 1. Leads
    2. Tasks Calendar
    3. Leave reports
    4. Quote Manager
    5. Project Timelogs
    6. Projects Calendar
    7. Tasks Scrum Board
    8. Projects Scrum Board
    9. Attachment for leave
    10. Task Categories
    11. Show leave balance on leave page
    12. Show last taken leave on leave details page
    13. Show available leaves on leave details page
    14. Project number, Budget hours, Actual hours
    15. Project Variations on project details page
    16. Applicant details page for recruitment
    17. Cash Payment for an invoice
    18. Group chat for department and location
    19. Download employee profile in pdf
    20. Contract for employees
    21. Select internal and external trainer option for Training module
    22. 2 level approval for Payroll
    23. 3 level approval for Resignation
    24. Multi employees option for meeting and events
    25. Attachment for ticket, warning, complaints, termination and policy
    26. Allow manager for a location to see only employees in that location
    27. Allow manager of a company to see employees only in that company
    28. Quick links on header menu
    29. Location for announcements
    30. Designation for promotion
    31. Ethnicity Type
    32. Income Categories


September 2019


  1. Email Config – SMTP, PHP Mail(), CodeIgniter Mail()
  2. Performance Appraisal and Indicator options
  3. Half day leave
  4. Security level option for employees
  5. Security Types


  1. Reset Password Page
  2. Employee details page
  3. Employee profile page
  4. Roles module
  5. latest version of CodeIgniter v3.1.11
  6. All languages files